What You Can Do

Share the film...

   You can forward the film at SalmonConfidential.ca to email lists, post the film on social media, embed it in websites, forward it to news organizations, etc.


Help Raise Awareness...

   using whatever means you can think of to bring awareness to this issue- submit to media organizations, articles, letters to the editor, forward the film to your email list, post on social media sites, use your creativity.


Sign Alex's petition...

   to get the farms off the wild salmon migration route. CLICK HERE to sign


Boycott farm salmon...

   Tell your local grocer and restaurants the salmon farming industry is killing off the wild salmon. Sign the boycott at www.salmonfeedlotboycott.com



   Donate online here or for charitable donations send a cheque to:

Raincoast Research Society

Bos 399, Sointula BC, V0N 3E0


This entire research & film project has been made possible by donated public funds. Thank-you for your help to make this possible. Funds go towards the continuation of the research, and the campaign to raise awareness.


Organize your own showing....

    CLICK HERE for more info



   We are just a few people with limited resources and need all the help we can get. If you have a skill or an idea you can volunteer to help us with this issue ( i.e. writing, web design, internet distribution, video or music production, science background, data entry, research skills etc…) email twyla@oceanfilms.net

Support this Work

We are just 2 women with little overhead & big projects. Your donation helps to pay for lab bills, research costs, video production and awareness raising campaigns.

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