They create disease epidemics- we pay them millions in disease compensation

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How’s this for a business model: You bring together thousands of fish, stick them in an open net in the ocean, despite warnings that the conditions invite infectious disease, and then, when they all get sick, you receive compensation from the Canadian taxpayer.?

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Will your tax dollars subsidize BC’s unsustainable fish farms?

Feds to compensate fish farm for ISA losses

The federal government will compensate Cooke Aquaculture for the hundreds of thousands of salmon ordered destroyed in Shelburne this week"

"The amounts are intended to reflect the reasonable market value that an owner could expect to receive for the fish up to the maximum of $30, as set out in the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations," he said. "In addition, compensation may include costs related to the destruction and disposal of the fish."  - CFIA spokesman Guy Gravelle

Over 100 million taxpayers dollars paid out to farms in ISA outbreak compensation

Millions paid in disease outbreak compensation to BC farms in 2012

"If you were to take all of the money that's being spent by the federal government through CFIA and add it to all the money that the province is spending in development, clearly we should be able to have closed containment,"

                                                                        - Liberal fisheries critic Jim Bennett

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