Salmon runs near farms are declining

This is not just a problem in BC. This is a problem everywhere in the world large scale industrial salmon farming operates among wild stocks including Ireland, Scotland, Norway & Eastern Canada. Inevitably, when farms are introduced to wild salmonid migration routes, the wild fish suffer

A Global Assessment of Salmon Aquaculture Impacts on Wild Salmonids

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"We have detected a significant decline in survival of populations that are exposed to salmon farms, correlated with the increase in farmed salmon production in five regions.


We find a reduction in survival or abundance of wild populations of more than 50% per generation on average, associated with salmon farming. Many of the salmon populations we investigated are at dramatically reduced abundance, and reducing threats to them is necessary for their survival. Reducing impacts of salmon farming on wild salmon should be a high priority."

Rivers with farms always decline, while rivers without farms are often fine

Salmon in the Fraser River are "mysteriously" declining

What is happening to the Fraser Sockeye?

a paper by Alex Morton

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What is happening to Fraser sockeye - by Alex Morton
Morton report- What is happening to Fras[...]
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"New research funded by the Scottish government has raised claims that fish farms are damaging stocks of Scotland’s wild salmon."

Salmon Farm Protest in Ireland

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