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Intensive fish farming and the evolution of pathogen virulence

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“Aquaculture radically alters the ecology of fish and their pathogens.”

“we predict that intensive fish farming will lead to the evolution of more virulent pathogens”

Epizootics of wild fish induced by farm fish

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 “We report a comprehensive analysis of the spread and impact of farm-origin parasites on the survival of wild fish populations”


“as aquaculture continues its rapid growth, this disease mechanism may challenge the sustainability of coastal ecosystems and economies.”

A Global Assessment of Salmon Aquaculture Impacts on Wild Salmonids

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"We have detected a significant decline in survival of populations that are exposed to salmon farms, correlated with the increase in farmed salmon production in five regions.


We find a reduction in survival or abundance of wild populations of more than 50% per generation on average, associated with salmon farming. Many of the salmon populations we investigated are at dramatically reduced abundance, and reducing threats to them is necessary for their survival. Reducing impacts of salmon farming on wild salmon should be a high priority."


Transmission dynamics of parasitic sea lice from farm to wild salmon

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“Marine salmon farming has been correlated with parasitic sea lice infestations and concurrent declines of wild salmonids”

“infection pressure near the farm that was 73 times greater than ambient levels and exceeded ambient levels for 30 km along the two wild salmon migration corridors”

“amplified sea lice infestations due to salmon farms are a potential limiting factor to wild salmonid conservation”


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