The Canadian Consumer gets fed the diseased fish

The US doesn’t want the ISA virus infected fish so it’s fed to Canadian consumers instead of being destroyed

“For the first time, Canada’s food safety regulator is allowing Nova Scotia salmon infected with a flu-like virus to be processed for supermarkets and restaurants… Because the U.S. won’t import fish with the virus, the fresh whole salmon, fillets and steaks will have to find dinner plates to land on somewhere in Canada.”

                                                                     -The Toronto Star READ STORY HERE

Several Viruses in Food Supply

The farms import and incubate diseases, which then enters the food supply, but they are also spreading these diseases to our wild salmon as well, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid eating fish with viruses.


Feedlot-origin viruses behave differently than in the wild, they have the potential for mutation, increased virulence and much higher loads.


Now, thanks to this industry, if you eat salmon you could be eating:

-ISA (Infectious Salmon Anemia)
-Piscine Reovirus (PRV)
-Salmon Alphavirus
-Salmon Leukemia


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