Asking Norway about the Piscine Reovirus

Industry and government deny the piscine reovirus (PRV) is anything to be concerned about, even though this newly introduced, highly infectious virus from Norway has infected the majority of the salmon farms in BC and is rapidly spreading to BC’s wild salmon. In this video Twyla hops a plane to Norway to find out what scientists there have to say about PRV and it’s effects on salmon. For more info :

Senior DFO scientist suppresses positive ISA virus test results at Cohen Commission

In 2004, Molly Kibenge, a post doc student working with DFO found ISA virus positive test results in BC salmon.  Of particular concern was the postives in eastern Vancouver Island Chinook & the high prevalence of the ISA virus positve test results in Cultus Lake sockeye, which happen to be the most endangered Fraser sockeye run.  For years scientists puzzled over the mystery of why this stock was doing so poorly.  Why did DFO try to hide this from the Cohen Commission?  Footage above from the Cohen Comission video feed. CLICK HERE TO SEE REPORT & DOCS

In a Nutshell - The Problems with Salmon Farms in BC

A video from Twyla Roscovich from a few years back where we attempt to outline the basic problem with large-scale industrial salmon farming on wild salmon migration routes

Alex follows a Trail of Lice

In this video Alex investigates reports of an outbreak of drug resistant sea lice that government refuses to address.  The trail of lice leads to some surprising discoveries. 

Salmon going down on DFO's watch

Tracking research projects in the Broughton as the lice season develops. By Twyla Roscovich

Call from a Coast

Call from a Coast was the first film Twyla did on this issue.  The film starts in the north of BC, at the mouth of the  salmon-rich Skeena River where 18 new farm sites were planned.  Twyla travels to southern BC to find out what kind of impacts the farms are having there. She meets first nations and explores their traditional clam beds, dives beneath a salmon farm and also meets Dr. Alexandra Morton of the Broughton Archipelago. This is the film that started it all.

The Sealion Story

Alex gets a call that 2 dolphins had drowned in a fish farm net.  Twyla & Alex decide to investigate. Once Twyla dives the farm to see what’s there, they test the honesty of the fish farm manager.

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